Water Drink Reminder

Get reminded and never let yourself be thirsty with Waterify.

Easy Onboarding

Waterify being an instinctive app allows user to be onboard easily. Just provide your height & weight and app will auto calculate amount of water you should drink.

Intuitive Dashboard

Being self-explanatory! Dashboard allows user to perform day to day tasks of tracking water consumed, viewing daily goal and adding up water drank in a more impulsive way.


Waterify app will remind you to drink water during the day at desired intervals so you never go dehydrated. Reminders are fully customizable and will not disturb you when you are sleeping.

Advanced Drink History

Waterify keeps track of your daily water intake and compare it with your daily goals and represent it in more sophisticated charts.

Backup and Restore

Worried about data lost? Waterify provides feature where in you can take your daily backup and restore it as per your convenience.

Multilingual Support

Language is a barrier! Don't Worry, Waterify supports five languages (English, French, German, Hindi and Spanish) at a moment and will be added more in coming days.